For The Bogart Finish, LLC, home remodeling and home improvement projects are more than just a business—it’s an art. Timeliness, reliability and a talented crew are key ingredients to the successful completion of each client's project.


Mike Bogart

Founder and owner, Mike, has many years of experience in successfully managing a variety of high-end, custom home building and renovation projects within the construction and home improvement industry. From an early age, Mike was passionate about learning how things are built. This pastime followed Mike as he worked in the corporate business world.  In his spare time he found himself taking on handyman projects to fulfill this passion. Because of the trust of his clients and the demand for larger, home renovation projects, Mike left the corporate world to make his dream a reality. Soon after, The Bogart Finish was founded in 2007.


Gabe Schickel

Raised in a family of developers and architects, Gabe developed an early interest in all aspects of building. This interest carried over to summers working as a laborer for his Uncle's contracting company and working for contractors in Philadelphia and Boston after college. After pursuing a masters degree in International Relations and working in Asia for a decade, Gabe decided to trade in his laptop for a hammer. Gabe lives by the credo learned from his first foreman, "A clean job site is a happy job site."


I’ve worked with The Bogart Finish on a variety of successful home projects. These include bedroom and bathroom
remodels, masonry, roof repairs, and deck construction.
I’ve found Mike to be extremely engaged, creative with solutions, and fairly priced.
I highly recommend The Bogart Finish!
— -Josh V.